Friday, October 21, 2005

Look at all my sites!

The internet is my labour of love. Can't remember when I have had such a great time!
I have five sites, so after you have a look at this one, please go and have a look at the other four.
This one, Millionairemumma is my main site for the places where I put my money and the most serious despite the name. Anything I mention on these sites is where I have placed my funds.

My next site is the fun one where you can make some quick dollars to bring them back here to go into the programs on Millionairemumma for the long term. This is for fun and profit but you must be willing to play games and take a chance.

My third site is "How to start an ONLINE business". Great opportunities to get an education in online business setups by those who have done it.

My fourth site is for advertising. If you need to get leads this is the place to go.
Marketing is a VERY important side of online business.

And now for a more enlightening site. Some wonderful books on here.

Hope you will all forgive the names of the sites but to get peoples attention and marketing is the name of the game!
Happy searching to find that extra way to make more money.....because money = freedom!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

****** Fund


I cannot speak more highly than this group of programs under the banner of ***************.
Its free to join with no time limit to fund. You may pool with just $50 in programs that normally have large start up funding arrangements. Do not be fooled by the mention of $50 as many of the "big boys" are in some of the programs mentioned in Feederfund, albeit direct, but this program gives everyone an opportunity to get started. When, or if you have larger amounts you can go direct.


These programs pay up to 20% a MONTH not the tiny 2 to 4% banks pay per YEAR.

It really would be to your advantage to have a look at this club. I make money consistently month after month.