Saturday, October 04, 2008

Employ Flexibility with FOREX

Because of 24-hour trading those participating in foreign exchange
market would not wait to react on some events as happens on the stock markets. On other markets you wait to react but the FOREX market is a 24 hour market.

Unlike other financial markets the Forex market has no
physical location, like the stock exchanges.
An electronic network of banks, computer terminals or by phone are the operation modes of the currency exchange markets. The very lack of
physical exchanges lets the Forex market operate on a 24-hour basis.
It spans one zone to another across the major financial centers (Sydney,
Tokyo, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, London, New York etc). In every major financial
center there are dealers, who buy and sell currencies 24 hours a day
each business week. Trading session starts in Far East, in Wellington then Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Moscow,
Frankfurt-on-Maine, London and ends in New York and Los Angeles.
Truly a 24 hour world market.

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