Saturday, March 31, 2007

Time is of the Essence

The Foreign Exchange Market is conducted in a 24 hour time frame making it a versatile market crossing all time zones, having no centralised exchange. With a volume of around 2 trillion dollars a day it exceeds the total trading of all other markets combined.

With the use of electronic systems and the internet FOREX allows a real time operation letting any person operate this business so long as you have a computer, an internet connection, some patience and a whole lot of nerve.

Timing along with a positive mental attitude become the measure that determines your success or failure. But with an advanced education in FOREX this can be preferably the former. The individual will soon learn what times are suitable for operation to suit his particular needs.

The beginning of the FOREX week is on Sunday at 5pm EST starting in New Zealand from where it shifts on to Australia, then Asia, Middle East, Europe and then America with official finish of the week on Friday at 4pm EST and equates to five days. The heaviest trading time are where the major markets overlap.

This is a cash market where individual currencies are bought and sold simultaneously. The values and the market is responsive to real time events as witnessed at the 911 disaster. This when fortunes can be made …..or fade !


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